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Our periodical will firmly continue the scientific and cultural traditions of the journal “Soviet turkology” which once enjoyed a wide popularity with the territory of former Soviet Union and international arena as well. In different times this journal was headed by distinguished scientists, such as, M. Shiraliyev, E.R.Tenishev, A.Akhundov and T.Hajiyev who did their best for it. Today by the requirements of globalization epoch the scientific space of the journal needs to be expanded furthermore. And it can’t be limited within the frame of the materials referring only Turkological linguistics and folklore. Besides Turkological linguistics, its readers are eager to see in it materials on ethnography, philosophy, history, literature, culture studies as well.
By the decision of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan the above-mentioned perspective scientific directions will be reflected on the pages of this journal. The expansion of the Editorial Staff and work with international advisers show the result of this conceptual renewal of the journal.
Besides it, I feel it my duty to address the Turkological community with the following questions:
– Which scientific problem do you consider to be of great importance today?
– Is there any need for turkologists to meet at round-tables?
– What do you think of assembling all the representatives of different turkological fields at these round-tables?
– Which priority-driven turkological fields need to be thoroughly investigated and propagandized?
– What do you think of the establishment of constant ties between the world turkological centers and their further improvement? And what needs to be done?
– Are we ready to establish any reliable scientific ties between the turkological space and the spaces of other sciences (such as, Germanic Philology, Slavonic Philology, Romanic Philology, Iranian Philology, Sinology, African Philology, ancient and dead languages and cultures, etc.)?
These and many other suchlike questions are still waiting for their turn to be answered in the future. Our periodical is planning to cast a light on these theoretical problems in its scientific-methodological policy and will basically try to follow the so-called "From common to single" principle. At the same time, in the view of actuality of Turkological researches in different fields, we’ll try to realize our purpose of casting a light on some exact problems and turning them into a part of theoretical space here.
We’d like to make Turkology more interesting and readable not only for turkologists, but also for the representatives of all the other fields of sciences. This can be done only with our common effort, with the help of all the turkology-lovers, irrespective of the countries they live.

Kind regards,
Kamal Abdullayev

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