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The Second Issue of “Turkology” was Published

The second issue of “Turkology” was (2019) founded by the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was published

The executive secretary of the journal, head of Turkic Languages Department Dr. Elchin Ibrahimov mentioned that “many papers covering different fields of Turkology written by Azerbaijani, Turkish, Albanian, Russian, Palestinian, Japanese and Chinese turkologists in the Azerbaijani, Russian and Turkish languages are included into this issue of the journal “Turkology”.
He also mentioned that “in different rubrics of the journal, such as, “Classical Heritage – Portraits”, “Linguistics”, “Literature and Folklore”, “Written Monuments”, “History and Ethnography”, “Debates and Discussions” many scientifically and theoretically original papers concerning the services by V.V. Radloff in studying Turkic Runic inscriptions, as well as, aruz-meter vujudnames in Literature of Turkic peoples, the newly-found version of “Ashug Garib” story, the Uigur epos traditions were published. He also added that three papers about a very significant event concerning Gorgud studies were published in the journal. So, the research results of professors from Turkey about the newly-found 13 th story of “The Book of Dada Gorgud” were given in this rubric, too.
In the rubric “Scientific Life” many conferences and simposiums concerning the field of Turkology held in many countries of the world and the problems discussed in these meetings were written about. Interesting papers concerning significant events in the field of Turkology were published in the rubrics “Views” and “Personal News”.
It must be mentioned that “Turkology” is a quarterly journal.

ur periodical will firmly continue the scientific and cultural traditions of the journal “Soviet turkology” which once enjoyed a wide popularity with the territory of former Soviet Union and international arena as well. In different times this journal was headed by distinguished scientists, such as, M. Shiraliyev, E.R.Tenishev, A.Akhundov and T.Hajiyev who did their best for it. Today by the requirements of globalization epoch the scientific space of the journal needs to be expanded furthermore. And it can’t be limited within the frame of the materials referring only Turkological linguistics and folklore. Besides Turkological linguistics, its readers are eager to see in it materials on ethnography, philosophy, history, literature, culture studies as well.

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