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The Seminar of “Turkology” was held

The International seminar within the journal of “Turkology” was held on December 15, 2017.
The guest of the seminar this time was Professor Aleksandr Nesterov from Ural Federal University of the Russian Federation. He delivered a lecture on: “The Turkic World and European Union: Scientific Papers in the Globalizing World”.
The head of the Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA), the Full Member of the NASA, academician Mohsun Naghisoylu, professor Aydin Alekperov, Massud Mahmudov, head of the Department of Computer Linguistics – prof. Kamila Veliyeva, vice-director Baba Maharramly, the scientific secretary Aynel Mashadiyeva, the collaborators of the Institute – Aytakin Alekperova, Aytan Beylarova, Nazakat Gaziyeva, Rasim Heydarov, the Hachers of the Faculty of History of Baku State University – Arzu Mammadova, Elvira Latifova, the Executive Secretary of the journal of “Turkology” Elchin Ibrahimov and the collaborators of the journal look part in this seminar.

First of all, the head of the Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of (NASA). Azerbaijan, the full member of the NASA, academician Mohsun Naghisoylu gave information to the participants of the seminar about professor Aleksandr Nesterov’s scientific activity and spoke about the importance of the seminar.
The Executive Secretary of the journal of “Turkology” Elchin Ibrahimov gave detailed information about the seminar. He mentioned that the idea of holding seminars within the journal of “Turkology” belongs to the Editor in Chief of the journal academician Kamal Abdullayev.
The first seminar of the journal was held just exclusively on the initiative of academician Kamal Abdullayev where the international advisors of the journal were also present and this has already become a tradition.
Then the seminar continued with prof. A. Nesterov’s lecture. He spoke on politics, economy history and sciences and raised interest in everybody giving his own original opinions about the relationships between European Union and Turkic world and their analysis in all the aspects. Many questions were given. Prof. A. Nesterov gave especially detailed answers to the question connected with the attitude of European Union towards Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and many other Turkic-speaking countries; then he spake about the impacts of the globalizing world to the moral values of the Turkic world and Russia’s position in these matters. At the end of his lecture prof. A. Nesterov thanked the participants and highlighted his love for our country and said that it was just his interest towards Azerbaijan that prompted him to study history of it.
At the end of the seminar there were discussions on the theme of the seminar, and all the interesting questions by the seminar participants were answered.
At must be noted that prof. A. Nesterov is the member of the Editorial Staff of “Turkology” on History.

ur periodical will firmly continue the scientific and cultural traditions of the journal “Soviet turkology” which once enjoyed a wide popularity with the territory of former Soviet Union and international arena as well. In different times this journal was headed by distinguished scientists, such as, M. Shiraliyev, E.R.Tenishev, A.Akhundov and T.Hajiyev who did their best for it. Today by the requirements of globalization epoch the scientific space of the journal needs to be expanded furthermore. And it can’t be limited within the frame of the materials referring only Turkological linguistics and folklore. Besides Turkological linguistics, its readers are eager to see in it materials on ethnography, philosophy, history, literature, culture studies as well.

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