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The Journal “Turkology” in the International Index

The International Journal “Turkology” founded by the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA) was indexed by the MLA (Modern Language Association) in the United States of America and included into the list of its bibliography.
Speaking about this great event, the Executive Secretary of the Journal– Dr.Elchin Ibrahimov mentioned that “the main aim of the journal is to present actual problems of Turkology, its history and current problems, as well as, historical and cultural diversities of Turkic peoples and the work of Turkological Centres in the world and to publish papers connected with these problems in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English. Having strengthened its relationships with International Scientific Centres, Turkology has been indexed in the Modern Language Association (MLA) bibliography in October this year.
The Modern Language Association Bibliography (MLA International Bibliography, New-York) is the source of the most widely distributed database and is the reference work in the fiedls of Literature, History of Language, Ethnography, Folklore and so on.
The MLA International Bibliography lists over 1.5 million citations and is available worldwide in print and online. Most North American and European higher-education institutions subscribe to the Bibliography. It is used by a wide range of researchers – from high school students to senior scholars.
By the Decision of the Presidium of NASA dated February 17, 2016 Acad. Kamal Abdullayev was appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. Then by the appropriate Decision of the Presidium of NASA it was decided to publish papers and reviews connected with Literature, History, Philosophy, Mythology, Written Monuments, Culture, Art and Turkological Centres in the Journal.
It should be mentioned that the Journal “Turkology” is published quarterly (in March, June, September, December).
Further information on the Journal is available through “www.”.

ur periodical will firmly continue the scientific and cultural traditions of the journal “Soviet turkology” which once enjoyed a wide popularity with the territory of former Soviet Union and international arena as well. In different times this journal was headed by distinguished scientists, such as, M. Shiraliyev, E.R.Tenishev, A.Akhundov and T.Hajiyev who did their best for it. Today by the requirements of globalization epoch the scientific space of the journal needs to be expanded furthermore. And it can’t be limited within the frame of the materials referring only Turkological linguistics and folklore. Besides Turkological linguistics, its readers are eager to see in it materials on ethnography, philosophy, history, literature, culture studies as well.

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