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The First Seminar of the Journal of “TURKOLOGY”

On the initiative of the Editor-in –Chief of the Journal of ”Turkology” academician Kamal Abdulla the first seminar of Turkology – the Body of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA) was held within the framework of events devoted to the 90th jubilee of the First Turkological Congress which was attended by the distinguished turkologists of the world. Many well-known scientists took part there: the head of the Turkish language and Literature department at Qazi University – Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bijan Erjilasun, the head of the Turkish language and Literature department at Istanbul University – Prof. Dr. Osman Fikri Sertkaya, Prof. Ayshegul Sertkaya, the Chairman of the Qafgaz Universities Union – Ramazan Korkmaz, the Director of the Turkic World Research Centers – Fikret Turkmen, turkologists – Nesrin Bayraktar, Dilek Eren, Binnur Eren, Mustafa Samet Kumanli, the Academic Secretary of the Humanitarian section of NASA – Prof. Dr. Teymur Kerimli, the Director of the Institute of linguistics of NASA – Prof. Dr. Mohsun Naghisoylu, the Director of Folklore Institute of NASA – Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Imanov, the head of the Turkic languages department of NASA – Aygul Hajiyeva, Professors of Baku state University – Prof. Dr. Ramiz Asker, Prof. Dr. Elbrus Azizov and so on.
The students of SABAH groups from Baku State University, Qafgaz University, Khazar University and Odlar Yurdu University also took part in the seminar.
The first seminar was moderated by acad. Kamal Abdullayev. Greeting all the guests and participants, acad. Kamal Abdulla expressed his great pleasure from organizing the meeting of these very distinguished scientists with young turkologists in Baku. He said: “I’d like to heartily greet all the scientists coming to our country from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Tatarstan. I think, today’s younger generation is more lucky, they are happy because when we were at their age, we were hardly ever able to see all our teachers – masters, well-known all over the world – together. We could read only their books. In our student years there were some barriers in front of us and Turkic scientists weren’t allowed to come to the country, which was called the USSR then, or to leave the USSR for any other country to meet any turkologist. The older generation remembers it well, if any meeting of such kind happened, it was considered to be a very rare and unusual event in those years.
The aim of this seminar organized within the Journal of “Turkology” is to discuss the achievements and problems of Turkology with the distinguished turkologists, to give younger turkologists a chance to get acquainted with the living legends of Turkology, to help Turkology to develop, to create strong ties with other fields of science and to improve all the possible ways of it. We are thinking of continuing this seminar with the help of these people today and with the others’ tomorrow and publishing the materials of this seminar, conference or round tables as an Appendix in the Journal.
This Appendix will be defined by the members of our seminar. It may be the research of any turkological problem or the study of any theme connected with any field of Turkology. The use of this seminar is also in the reflection of the unity of science and education together. In connection with it, we’ll be able to both invite our friends from other foreign countries and to continue our collaboration with the scientists from Azerbaijan Universities. We’ll try to make these seminars useful not only from learning point-of-view, but also make it so strong as to be able to raise and defend new ideas in Turkology.We are ready to do our best for it.”
Then Osman Fikri Sertkaya spoke about his story of first acquaintance with the distinguished turkologists Ahned Jafaroghlu and Muharrem Ergin and shared all his memories with the participants. He spoke about the importance of former “Sovetskaya Turkologiya” and now its successor – “Turkology” and expressed the role of its publication history and importance in the formation of turkological thoughts and its contributions. Osman F.Sertkaya also mentioned that he had kept all the issues of the journal one by one: “Dear youth, do you know why I am speaking about all these memories? Because I wish you also to be like me, to foster each issue of “Turkology” and to appreciate and have this valuable heritage. Write and invite all your friends here, let both you and your friends feel this native atmosphere. We may become larger in number in this way.”
Teymur Kerimli mentioned “that these days are very important and the International Conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of the First Turkological Congress was highly-organized in Baku.
Ahmet Bijan Erjilasun expressed the importance of the seminar in this way:” Here I have seen for the first time a journal to organize its seminar. The author of such kind of idea could be only a scientist with the best sense of awareness for organization like Kamal Abdulla. It is very important for the journal, that means, the journal creates a cultural circle around itself. It is very important for young people to join these seminars. I’m sure we’ll clear out many themes in this field creating a new society which will join all of us in the light of Turkology together with Azerbaijani scientists in the seminars within the journal of “Turkology”, and we’ll be able to solve many problems together. I think, we must learn our roots, but the main thing here is to be open to the world, especially to the world science like Turks in history.”
Then turkologist Ayshegul Sertkaya highly-appreciated acad. Kamal Abdulla’s initiative of organization of this seminar and mentioned it to be a sign of having a different kind of thinking. As a research theme, she shared her opinions about Uyghur alphabet, language and Literature.
The teacher of 9 Eylul University Gulmira Kuruoghlu drew all the participants’ attention to her lectures connected with psycho-linguistics and neuro-linguistics and mentioned that she was ready to cooperate with the journal in this field.
Prof. Dr. Fikret Turkmen also appreciated the organized seminar highly and mentioned it to be one of the best ways to pass all the gained knowledge and experience in the field of Turkology to the future generations, and hoped it would continue successfully. The scientist characterized the main object of Turkology as the Turkish way of thinking to accept the world. Then he lectured on folklore elements in Turkic eposes.
The theme of the next seminar was meant to be the discussion of the book “From the Beginning to the 20th Century” – History of the Turkish Language” by Ahmet Bijan Erjilasun.
At the end of the seminar the distinguished turkologists answered all the questions given by the students.

ur periodical will firmly continue the scientific and cultural traditions of the journal “Soviet turkology” which once enjoyed a wide popularity with the territory of former Soviet Union and international arena as well. In different times this journal was headed by distinguished scientists, such as, M. Shiraliyev, E.R.Tenishev, A.Akhundov and T.Hajiyev who did their best for it. Today by the requirements of globalization epoch the scientific space of the journal needs to be expanded furthermore. And it can’t be limited within the frame of the materials referring only Turkological linguistics and folklore. Besides Turkological linguistics, its readers are eager to see in it materials on ethnography, philosophy, history, literature, culture studies as well.

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